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Exposing Fake Clinics

We Want Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs) Out of Our Communities!

According to a report by The Alliance: State Advocates for Women’s Rights and Gender Equality, the harms of crisis pregnancy centers are well-documented. Minnesota is home to 90 of these fake clinics. At this time, there are only 9 abortion care clinics left in the state, meaning CPCs outnumber abortion clinics 11:1.

CPCs exist to deny their patients the right to make informed decisions about abortion. Posing as legitimate medical facilities, CPCs prey on pregnant people in crisis who unknowingly come through their doors. Using a variety of scare tactics and misinformation, CPCs convince their clients not to have abortions. They promote myths that abortion is dangerous and linked to depression, cancer, and infertility. Many centers also disseminate pro-abstinence literature and shame clients for their sexual histories. While CPCs claim to provide material support, such as diapers and childcare for expecting mothers, the actual goods and services available are extremely limited and often contingent on the client undergoing religious-based counseling.

More Facts About CPCs:

  • 1/2 of the CPCs In MN offer “non-diagnostic” ultrasounds, which cannot be used to determine gestational age, study placenta or amniotic fluid, detect ectopic pregnancy, fetal abnormality, or fetal distress.
  • 22% of CPCs in MN promote “abortion pill reversal” , which is unethical and not based in science.
  • None of the CPCs provide contraception, 54% provide no STI-related care, 97% do not provide well-person care, 95% provide no prenatal care or referrals.

AG Ellison Issues Consumer Alert Regarding CPCs

On August 23rd, MN Attorney General, Keith Ellison, issued a consumer alert regarding crisis pregnancy centers.

“CPCs may provide misleading information about abortion and contraception, and often do not provide services they claim to offer; consumers encouraged to contact AG’s Office with concerns or complaints.”

Listen to MNAAC members explain the dangers of CPCs

Collective Action: Our Strategy Against CPCs

Through collective action in our communities, we can warn people about the dangers of CPCs and fight for real, unbiased healthcare and abortion access.

Community Protests

MNAAC hosts consistent protests, both outside of CPCs and elsewhere in our communities, to get the word out about these predatory centers and put pressure on those in power to regulate them.


Through regular teach-ins, handing out literature at community events, and door-knocking in neighborhoods that are home to CPCs, we can educate our neighbors on the dangers of these centers.


We support the legislative work of our ally organizations, like Unrestrict Minnesota and Gender Justice, in fighting for reforms at the state level. We also partner with local leaders and city councilmembers to find solutions addressing the proliferation of CPCs inside of Minneapolis.

Join us in this fight!